Out Of The Fog Movie Analysis

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Think about the standard American teen drama movie we’ve all seen at least once, twice, or a thousand times in our lives. In these movies, they always have the same types of characters: the nerdy girl/boy trying to make it, the jock, and, most importantly, the world famous drama queen. She’s usually overly dramatic, has a high sex appeal, and thinks the world turns for her and only her. All of her relationships are shallow and the conversations usually revolves around her or destroying someone because of what someone “did to her.” The behaviors displayed by the over-exaggerated teenage drama queen on screen matches Histrionic Personality Disorder. According to Durand & Barlow in Essentials of Abnormal Psychology (2016), histrionic personality…show more content…
Nevertheless, the personality displayed is still used for reference point. According to article the on Out of the Fog entitled, “Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD)”, behaviors displayed can be described in histrionic personality disorder can be tracked using the “PRAISE ME.” P stands for provocative and/or seductive behaviors. People living with HPD use their sexuality as a form of attention grabbing. This usually manifests itself as dressing proactively, excessive flirting, and other inappropriate sexual behavior. R stands for relationships considered more intimate than they are. Looking at the example given by Durand & Barlow (2016), Pat, who was diagnosed with HPD, constantly had new
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