Outline For Fahrenheit 451

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Thesis: In Fahrenheit 451, the most apparent dystopian trait in Montag's society is the authorities ‘’brainwashing ’’ the citizens to believe they live in a perfect utopia. Body Paragraph 1 TS: The authorities make the citizens believe they live in a perfect utopia through the information the residents receive. CD: At one point Montag says, ‘’I’ve heard rumors; the world is starving, but we’re well fed. Is it true, the world works hard, and we play?’’ (Bradbury In AL, Part Ⅱ, Par. 28) C: This quote manifests that the citizens not know what is happening in the outside world because the people in Montag's society have only heard rumors about the outside and have never experienced it for themselves. C: The authorities do not allow the citizens …show more content…

C: When they compare it to other worlds it leads the citizens to believe they live in a flawless society. C: This method of only showing the bad parts of other people's societies creates a perfect illusion of a utopian world. CD: Also, all of the news the residents receive is not the full story. C: When the authorities only show the good parts of their society if fools all of the people to believe that they live in an utopia.C: Also, all of the war propaganda from the news only talks about how they are going to win the war, and the TV Programs don't talk about how they are unprepared and not ready for the event. C: Another way the society uses the information that the citizens receive to trick them into believing …show more content…

CD: The Parlor walls which also display images can see what you're doing and hear what you are saying. C: Mildred participates in a play that allows the audience to join in it through the walls. C: In the play, they send you a script so the walls can talk to you. C: This notion of talking to your walls is very sad because it shows how everyone in the society is too wrapped up in technology to interact with an actual human being. C: Even though these walls seem helpful, they are the authorities number one way of keeping constant surveillance on their citizens.C: If something bad happened inside a resident’s house, the parlor walls could catch it, and the authorities could get them immediately. C: This leading to no one knowing about the bad situation, leaving the citizens with the illusion of a perfect society. CD: The Mechanical Hound is also another way the authorities keep constant surveillance on their citizens.C: The hound can sense the smell of books on anyone, so if it smells them, the creature will immediately alert the fireman. C: The authorities use the hound as a way to keep the surveillance discreet.C: The people of the society do not know what the hound can do and what it can sense, leading its methods to work well. C: The hounds act as the cops. C: This mechanical creature sees what's on the outside versus

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