Outline Of The Symbolic Interactionism Theory

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My research paper is about the timeline of the Symbolic Interactionism Theory. An American philosopher named George Herbert Mead had introduced the perspective in the 1920s to American Sociology. It relies on the symbolic meaning that people had developed in which they, relied upon the process of social interactions.
A Symbolic Interactionism on short-term interactions is one of the major theoretical perspectives in sociology. The German sociologist and economist, Max Weber and the American philosopher, George H. Mead had both emphasized a subjective meaning of human behavior. A man named Herbert Blumer, who had studied with George at the University of Chicago, is responsible for inventing the term " Symbolic interactionism, and for formulating …show more content…

The researchers had focused on easily observed by doing face to face interactions rather than on macro-level structural relationships moving social institutions. The situation they were focused on interaction and on the meaning of events to the participants in those events, which were the shifts of interactions away from stable norms and values toward more changeable of the continuing readjusting social process. That the functionalist's socialization creates stability in the social system, and interactionists negotiate among members of society creates temporary, socially constructed relations, which remain constant flux, despite relative stability in the basic framework governing those …show more content…

My sister always felt neglect that things were unfair because I had always gotten what I wanted. She feels as I'm looking down on her or if I'm better than her. These experience take place through series of communications, social situations, and thoughts that she has against me. For instance, if I were to get a promotion of getting a manager position with a higher pay, and she will feel as I get everything I want because things have been tough at her job. Or if I make "High Honor" on my report card my mom tells her she should be more like me could make her feel less of

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