Examples Of Structural Functionalism

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When taking a look into the society I call myself a part of; it can be placed into three perspectives. The three theoretical perspectives we may live in are; Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory, and Symbolic Interactionism. The world may be a place where we all live congenial among each other with open arms and helping hands guiding us with structural functionalism. Rather, then live in harmony with everyone we may be in a world filled with greed and power hungry organizations leaving us with conflict theory. Though, we may also live in a accepting environment with individuals setting standard to be understanding with other people 's ideas and creative pathways they 're on through linguistics. Now, when recollecting on the life I …show more content…

By way of example, all three of the theoretical perspectives notably have idiosyncrasies about one another. As an illustration, structural functionalism is defined as
Due to the fact that society consists of vital parts and systems they work in unison with each other to run smoothly. The people in the society contribute in myriad areas of interest in the process of structural functionalism. David Claerbaut states that these areas of interest, incorporate into society with: religion, economics, education, politics and family. On the other hand of living among each other actively working to create a seamless community we have the conflict theory. Above all the conflict theory shapes society as a greed filled place fighting over power and money. Claerbaut defined conflict theory as
The battle over power can range between social class, race, sexuality, even monumental corporations causing the society to divide into groups against each other. Opposed to conflict theory, symbolic interactionism is composed of people who are focused on individuality and personal pathways.
To be a part of a symbolic interactionism society you should see no color, religion, or social class; only an individual sharing their ideas with the world through their way of communicating with …show more content…

Neither of these theories fit into how I view the world because before technology this society had parts and systems that worked coherently. But, over time society has reshaped and transformed into a place where what you have and can show off to other people has become more pivotal to the world. In conflict theory people see race, religion, and social class and trying to prove they are better than them in some fashion. Not to mention, the parts and systems functioning together; the types of corporations I talked about previously are trying to take over all parts and creating one system for

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