What Is Functionalism In Sociology

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Functionalism Functionalism is one of the main theoretical perspectives in sociology. Functionalism sees society as a system them interconnects with each other in different ways in order to form or maintain a stable and balanced society. Everyone plays a role in society which makes it a whole. It sees the social structure and organisation of society as more important than an individual. One example is that education offers ways to develop the skills and knowledge of a person whereas politics governs the way people are in society. Family relies on education for their children so they can become working individuals who pay their way through life, which includes paying tax which helps economy grow and so on. Marxist This theory was found by…show more content…
It argues that of the ideas of the modern era such as seeking explanations. The postmodernist believe that large scale structures such as social classes are no longer invalid. Postmodernists say that in today’s society, norms, rules and values are no longer clear because it varies from location to location. The level of respect shown to authority figures are now decreasing because people are becoming more uncertain and unclear on certain things within society. Postmodernists say that people are starting to question their role within the British society and that’s why people have identity crisis and are…show more content…
Marxist says that’s doctors decide who is fit and not fit for work. They make sure that the capitalist society has people working for them and that they play a big role in people going back to work. Marxist argues that some companies contribute to ill-health such as oil companies, companies that produce alcohol and cigarettes. This theory says that both health and ill-health has to be looked at as a social class problem that has to do with social inequality of classes. The Marxist theory believes that upper class people enjoy better health and longer life expectancy than those of the working class. Upper class people are able to pay for their treatments at any time they are in need of medical attention whereas the lower class people won’t be able afford immediate medication which means they have to use the NHS and this can sometimes put delays on people’s medical needs due to the high mount of people who use

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