Structural Functional Approach Analysis

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Introduction The Structural-functional approach is an outline for building theory which sees society as a complex system, whose parts collaborate to promote solidarity and stability. The Structural functional approach consists of the social structure, which is the organized pattern of social relationships, and social functions, which reveal the consequences of patterns, and operates the society. For a society to work, different components work together to achieve this feat. Such components include primary producers, family, schools, professionals and government. For instance, schools providing education to students so that they can achieve good grades for them to accomplish their dream jobs which contributes to the society. Analysis Thesis: …show more content…

Family has very important role in a society. Family teaches youngsters the norms and values in a society. This way youngsters can learn how to fit into the society with ease. Selling substances is functional in a society because it brings income to the seller. On the other hand, abusing substances is not functional in a society as it brings harms to one’s health and the production of a society. A person’s attitude and behavior in the society can reflect how his/her family deals with the problems inside the house and how the family has taught the youngster because parents play a vital role in influencing the youngster’s behaviors. For example, in the family, if any member is facing the problem of substance abuse, such as parents then it is more likely the child his or herself might get influence and start to do the same due to the development. The substance abuse among young people is not a short-term problem but very dangerous and a long-term problem. Young people abusing drugs already put society in a dangerous situation because they are the future of the society. But this problem brings upon a grave problem on the stability of society. According to Child Rights Review “many children of substance abusers are born with physical and mental health problems”. This shows that the children born from the family of substance abusers will have mental and physical problems which will hinder the society as they may not be able to contribute to the society. This way, young substance abusers won’t be able to fully transfer the norms of society to the next generation because they lack in knowledge about it and the health problems of the upcoming

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