Is Multiculturalism Constructive?

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Immigration today is a controversial issue for many, although immigrants are the core of this nation. America is formed and ingrained by histories of diverse cultures from all around the world. Multiculturalism is a debatable issue in America. Diverse people have many different views of things, similar or unalike, approve or disapprove. Some people think that multiculturalism is damaging, whereas some others think that multiculturalism is constructive. In my opinion, I agree with multiculturalism being constructive. America is an immigrant nation, most individuals in America are migrants. Many come from diverse countries of different ethnic groups. Most individuals that come to America have assorted languages, different educational experiences, diverse morals and unrelated religious beliefs. When migrants come to America, they must connect with other people in English. Most migrants study English and the culture from American folks or previous migrants that may be around them. In their community activity, they essential take on American traditions, although, in their isolated lives, they certainly use their own customs, ethics, faiths, traditional holidays and involvements to impact their manners. They are still recalling their own values and passing them on to members. From the conflict …show more content…

The conflict standpoint, the basic form of interface in society is not collaboration, but competition, and this leads to struggle. Since the groups of society participate for gain, there is continuously conflict for change. Society may view conflict theory as passive, but it interprets society as a scuffle for power among groups in conflict for partial possessions. Functionalism claims that our society operates on several organizations that works together as in the educational boards and or the government. Functionalist holds a neutral view of authenticity, troubled with clearing up how these group establishments and society preserves the

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