Overcoming Stereotypes In David Crabb's Bad Kid

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Society tries to create a “perfect” image on people; leading us to believe that if we are not the specific way that we created, we do not fit in. In reality everybody is supposed to create themself, regardless of what society believes. Does what we label others matter? Who are we to judge how others chose to create themselves? In David Crabb’s memoir Bad Kid, Crabb takes the readers through what it was like discovering that he is gay, and how that changed how kids treated him during school. The next part of Crabb’s memoir takes the readers through Crabb overcoming the stereotype and having friends that accept him for being gay, but influence him to start doing drugs. Crabb’s alcohol and drug addiction start to take over his everyday his life, …show more content…

For starters, the label of being gay, changes how he acts. In an understatement “Dear Lord, please make Patty Marks dump me, I do care if she hates me forever. But please help. Amen” (53). Clearly, Crabb never wanted a girlfriend. The reason Crabb wanted Patty to break up with him was because he did not want to look gay by breaking up with her. Having courage would help Crabb be more confident and not want to hide who he is. One day Crabb prayed to God that a girl would come into his life to hopefully distract his gay thoughts and, so he can fit by liking the opposite gender. With courage Crabb would not worry about disguising himself, he would just be happy with whatever his heart wants. In addition, Crabb’s repetition reveals that he has came to accept that he is gay, but he has yet to come out to people, and yet be happy with the label. “ I zipped up my gay pants and washed my gay hands, avoiding my gay reflection in the mirror on the way out” (99). Clearly, Crabb is only repeating that he is gay to himself when. Having courage would make it easier for Crabb to not have to hide his identity from his, family, friends, and peers. Hiding Crabs true self makes him angry because he has to hide it from his family, and he can not seem to find the confidence to let Greg know that he wants to have a relationship with

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