Pamela Meyer How To Spot A Liar Analysis

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In the Ted Talk “How to Spot a Liar” By Pamela Meyer, She spoke about the tells of a liar and why people lie. Meyers had two truths, Truth #1 lying is a cooperative act. The lie has no power until the receiver believes the lie. Everyone who has been lied to has agreed to be lied too, for example when a lady asks her husband if she looks fat in a certain clothing item. Both he and she know that there is only one good answer to that question, the women just gave the man permission to lie to her. Meyer said “lying is an attempt to connect are wishes and our fantasies on who we are with we were and how we wish we could be with what we're really like” meaning, we lie to pretend to be someone we aren't. Then Meyer answered the question of when do we lie? A person can be lied to …show more content…

When kids are one they learn how to hide things, when they become two they learn to bluff, five-year-olds know how to turn parents against each other,nine they know how to cover their tracks, then once you get older you barely tell the truth to your parents because you feel it’s none of their business. How do we know they’re lying, body language. When people lie they do things such as too much eye contact, fake smiles, or freezing their upper bodies. When talking to people, An honest person is going to be cooperative. When you are asking them questions they are also more likely when you ask for a consequence for this action to have stricter consequences. When the liar may get aggressive and less compliant and more lenient with their consequences. Meyers ends her speech with this “Now here's the deal. These behaviors are just behaviors. They're not proof of deception. They're red flags. We're human beings. We make deceptive flailing gestures all over the place all day long. They don't mean anything in and of themselves. But when you see clusters of them, that's your

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