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Wiggin Charlie Nicknamed the Speed King was a African Motor Racer Pioneer that competed against other people in the Midwest in the early years of the 20th century. Charlie Wiggins was a highly skilled outstanding mechanic, At his time there were not much African American Mechanics, he competed in the annual Indianapolis 500 Motor Race. Through his career Charlie Wiggins fought for African American Mechanics and drivers.

Charlie Wiggins was Born in 1897 Evansville, Indiana, Charlie Wiggins was very poor and was raised by his father due to his mother's death his dad did not earn much money because he worked at a coal mine, Charlie Wiggins cleaned shoes at a shoe stand outside an Auto Mechanic after some time he was hired as an helper in 1917. …show more content…

When Charlie Wiggins was not working he would Assemble parts from old auto junkyards to develop his very own car, They Nicknamed it "The Wiggins Special."

Charlie Wiggins tried to compete and enter his car in auto racing's greatest prize, The Indianapolis 500, But when he applied he got declined by the American Automobile Association Because he was African American, Charlie Wiggins was anxious to enter the race, Charlie Wiggins and other African American drivers set up their own racing team, spreading across the Midwest.

Charlie Wiggins was flawless in these races earning himself reputation and the nickname "The Negro Speed King." Wiggins's Success grabbed the attention of wealthy black Indianapolis resident William Rucker who made the Gold And Glory Sweepstakes, an annual one hundred mile race for black drivers on a one-mile dirt track at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Charlie Wiggins did not compete in the first race in 1924, which was the largest sporting even held for African Americans at the time but he did race in competitions and over the next ten years won three Gold and Glory Sweepstakes

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