Parent Youth Mediation Evaluation Paper

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The purpose and need of this evaluation plan is to measure the progress and effectiveness of the Parent and Youth Mediation Program which was designed to reduce conflict and enhance communication between parents and adolescents. This paper will explore how the information system displays the needs at both the practice level and the program level as well as identify key data collection points along with outlining specific forms of data. It will also seek to highlight the data supporting inadequacies of the current information system at both the practice level and the program level and help establish the most effective new forms of treatment that can be used in their place to achieve improved outcomes for the Parent and Youth Mediation Program. …show more content…

On the other hand, during the program, group therapy was the second most frequently identified but only constituted 15% of treatment, followed by anger management, social skills training, family education and support, and case management, which were all only identified by over 5% of respondents after the program. Dr. Donald P. Oswald (2006) stated that with no doubt the best of intentions with any program, we have at times promulgated treatment approaches and interventions that have been ineffective in dealing with the effects of mental illness. The treatment movement, thus, may be a testimony to some of the failures of the mental health system and treatment. The resulting implications are, first and foremost, to correct the flaws that have produced those failures. Recovery, as it applies to child mental health, is about reorienting the system, aligning attitudes, services, and programs to provide effective services for those receiving

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