Paris In The Odyssey

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The judgment of Paris was a decision to decide which of three gods, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, was the fairest and it was all up to a prince named Paris, or Alexander. When asked to choose each god offered a reward, from Hera he was offered to be the lord of Asia and Europe, by Athena he was offered the chance to make Troy victorious over Greece in a battle, and from Aphrodite he was offered to have the faireset women in all the world. As told in the myth Paris was weak and a coward so having power or being made victorious in a war was not to his likings so he chose Aphrodite and accepted her offer. In order to have the fairest woman in the world, Helen, he must steal her from the King of Sparta in Greece. Paris went to his house as a guest …show more content…

The person that came up with this plan was Odysseus, a very well know trickster. The plan was executed when they crafted a huge hollow horse and placed as many soldiers as they could inside of it. Then they would pretend to leave and the only person left behind would be a “traitor”. The traitor would tell the Trojans that this is a present from the Greeks and when they take it inside the soldiers would wait for night to open the gates and left the entire Greek army in. The idiom “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” means to not believe in everything that you hear or someone will trick you. The computer term for a Trojan also known as a Trojan Horse means that a virus has entered a person’s computer secretly. In the myth the Greeks secretly trick Troy into accepting a horse causing Troy to fall. The “love story” between Aeneas and Dido was only caused by the power of the gods. Dido being the ruler of a very nice kingdom lost her husband and was with no one. In order to stoop Hera’s plans Aphrodite told cupid to make Dido fall mad in love with Aeneas, and she did. The gods ability to change a person 's emotion based on their will shows that a person can’t control anything in their lives. Whenever a god want to change something nothing can come in their way. This vast difference in power reminds people that the gods are superior in every

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