Parole Case Study: Anthony Brown's Life In Prison

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A New York City man named Anthony brown has spent 15 years of his life in prison or on parole. Brown was 16 years old when he was first incarcerated for selling drugs in 2001. Brown has been incarcerated four times for drug crime and parole violations. He’s currently released form prison and is trying to get off of parole. Browns time in the parole system has been much like the process of being revoked and restored. He has been on state supervision since he was 16 years old. All of his violations has added time to parole or being sent back to prison for months or years. Officer Farrar applies stricter discipline than browns previous parole officers. Brown is required to attend therapy and get regularly tested for drugs. The reason Brown started selling drugs was because he was homeless. Now he was a baby on the way and wants to change his life around. Officer Farrar and his family are putting him in a positive path. …show more content…

His parole officer has supported brown to stay away from drugs or alcohol. Officers will serve as an important source of tangible help.

Question: Offenders released under supervision have fewer returns to prison for new crimes than those who leave without

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