Should The Nathaniel Abraham Blended Sentencing

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The Sentencing of Nathaniel Abraham Nathaniel Abraham, age eleven, cold blooded killer. Some would refer to the young boy as this, because in 1999 Abraham took the life of Rodney Greene. There is a lot of conflict of this subject, because he was only eleven. The question stands; Did he plan this? Was he aware of what exactly he was doing, or was he simply, a child playing with a gun? No one honestly knows this, except for Abraham himself of course. The decision to be made has to be something that protect the general population, and involves the fair treatment of Abraham. The options 0to choose from consisted of the Juvenile Sentence, where in any case he would be released from containment at the age of twenty-one, the Blended sentence where he would be contained until twenty-one, and if he wasn’t rehabilitated he would move into an adult prison to finish him term, or if he was he would be released at the age of twenty-one, and lastly, the Adult sentence, where he would be sent to an adult prison (in a juvenile section) and may possibly receive rehabilitation service programs. Unlike the adult sentence, the blended and juvenile sentence both focused on rehabilitating Abraham. In my opinion, the blended sentence is the …show more content…

He would automatically be punished as if he was an adult and be in the juvenile section of an adult prison, possibly receiving rehabilitation efforts, but only if the particular prison has such programs. Without these, he wouldn’t learn from his mistakes, and he wouldn’t have the option to live a normal life afterwards if he does. It is understandable that many would want this sentence, considering Abraham took an innocent life. He isn’t above anyone, he doesn’t deserve freedom more than the next guy, but if he was willing to work, he should fairly have the option to rehabilitate himself and work his way back into

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