Patrick Henry's Speech On Virginia Persuasion

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Nehemiah Wright Ms. Guidorizzi Junior English Per. 6 21 September 2016 Virginian Persuasion Patrick Henry, a revolutionary who could persuade a charging rhinoceros to change directions became one of the most important founding fathers during the early stages of the Revolutionary War. While the thirteen colonies were on edge trying to decide whether or not a permanent militia was to be put in place. Mr. Henry came to the forefront and, using words alone, swayed enough of the congressmen’s opinions to have that militia put in place. During the second Virginia convention, Patrick Henry was able to move the hearts of more than half of the delegates at that convention using mainly pathos. By tapping into the patriotism and pride that men held in …show more content…

Henry’s speech was the startup of the continental army, which would protect this young nation from the tyranny of British rule. By incorporating pathos Mr. Henry was able to push the men of the convention toward voting for the army. He pulled at their desires for independence and strong feelings nationalism by introducing the idea of unity between the colonies, stating. “I am not a Virginian, but an American” (Henry). This quote drove the feeling of united colonies deeper into the listeners of the convention, bringing up strong emotions, drawing heavily on pathos. This however was not the only time pathos was used in this speech. At the very end of this improvised diction Patrick Henry delivered one final line that opened the eyes of many and awoke a passion so prominent that it resonates in the minds of young Americans to this day. In saying “Give me liberty, or give me death” (Henry). Mr. Henry demonstrated an almost perfect use of pathos the author was able to exploit the deep desire for freedom in the men of the colonies, therefore assimilating a continental army. In turn helping America rise against the tyrannical rule of England Patrick Henry, a superb wordsmith and revolutionary, used his knowledge of pathos to arouse a sense of patriotism in the men who led the colonies leading to the commission of the continental army. Mr. Henry, knowing what he stood for, and what he wanted this great nation to be. Saw a way to accomplish his goals and used strong pathos to influence the emotions and opinions of congressmen. Mr. Henry was a very prominent founder of our country and will not soon be

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