People Give-Up In College

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I have chosen a relatively philosophical problem to discuss. We find a lot of people giving up on their pursuits and goals. As subtle as this may seem, if one thinks about it, just one person giving up on a single pursuit because the going got tough, can have an exponential amount of consequences. From a change of field of study to committing suicide, giving up is never justified. We know that the smallest things can have consequences. The funny thing is, these consequences can never be predicted because there are unlimited possible outcomes of the choice of giving up or carrying on. For example, let us assume that President Obama had found studying law very tough and decided to take up painting. Would America have ever had a president like President Obama? History remembers and has been shaped by the people who did not give up. The obvious example, Thomas Alva Edison, failed a thousand times before he made the first light bulb that could be mass-produced. Instead, he could have given up after ten or a hundred trials, switched to a menial job and nobody would know that a man named T. A. Edison had existed. The majority of …show more content…

In most cases, it’s an incomprehensibly small mistake that causes failure. Just like in Book X.82-85, Aiolos says,” Take yourself out of this island, creeping thing- no law, no wisdom, lays it on me now to help a man the blessed gods detest-out! Your voyage here was cursed by heaven!”, Odysseus could have just told his men that the bag contained the winds that were pushing them forward. This way, the men would not have grown curious about the contents of the bag and opened it and brought them back to where they had started from (Aiolos’ Island). However, Odysseus would tell us to learn from our mistakes and learn from experience just as he

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