Odysseus Compass Repair Service In Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus is the most worthy person to endorse the service of a compass repair shop. Odysseus was thrown off course many times during his journey back home to Ithaca which made it take longer to return. This means that Odysseus can promote the company Odysseus Compass Repair by explaining his adventures and how using this service helped him reach his destination.
The compass is used to tell a person where north is from their location. This would have been able to help Odysseus find the direction that he needed to sail in order to return to Ithaca at many points of his journey. If Odysseus’ had used a compass repair service early on in his journey, it would have been able to lead him back on the right path instead of going in the opposite direction. For example, Odysseus received a bag of winds that blew him away from Ithaca. If he had a working compass, he would have known the direction to his destination instead of taking so many detours.
Odysseus inspires the idea of Odysseus Compass Repair because of the many times he was put off the track to Ithaca. His journey would have been much shorter and less lethal if he had known the exact direction that he had to travel.
To some, this service may seem useless, although it is quite the opposite. Having a working compass can be the difference between life and death. This is the case for many of Odysseus’ men. …show more content…

The first of these was the colours used. The colours of the background were blue and purple. These are both colours that are associated with Odysseus. As mentioned previously, the blue represents the sea and Odysseus’ long journey home and the purple is the colour of a cloak given to him from Penelope. Along with this, there is some writing in the logo and on the scroll that is written in red. Red is another colour that represents Odysseus meant to show the blood of all the people he had killed during and after the Trojan

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