People Who Become Rich In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In the novel “ the great gatsby” the relationship between people who were born rich and people who become rich is complicated and varied in how they are treated. It is strongly influenced by social class, personal aspiration, education, and goals. During the time this story was set, it was the roaring 20’s where it was like a big party and the American dream was being introduced. People believed that anyone could become rich if they were determined and worked hard enough. However, this story shows us the differences between those who were born into wealth and those who obtained it through their own attempt. The author, F. scott Fitzgereld shows this by viewing the characters lives and showing the differences between how old money and new money is treated. Through characterization it is strongly noticeable that Daisy and tom buchanan are examples of people who were born rich. They are shown in the novel as being careless and entitled. They are used …show more content…

Gatsby is very hardworking and ambitious, he follows his goals and doesn’t give up. Gatsby’s goal in life was to win back his old lost love, daisy buchanan. He was willing to do anything and everything to achieve his goal. He threw parties for the whole town in hopes that she might just come to one of them. He also took the blame for a murder that she committed cause he loved her so much. However just because he was very wealthy and successful he still was never fully accepted and is still seen as new money. One reason for Gatsby is still seen as new money is his lack in social skills. Gatsby often uses slang and doesnt use his manners as much. It makes him look unprofessional and like an outsider. Something else that causes gatsby to be frowned upon by the new money class is how Gatsby throws very big loud parties, the upper class sees him doing this and thinks he just got rich to be immoral and dumb with his

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