Differences And Similarities Between Winter Dreams And The Great Gatsby

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Wesley Howe Ms. Lehman English IV May 4, 2023 Dexter Green from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Winter Dreams” and Jay Gatsby from “The Great Gatsby” are two characters with a shared dream and a similar path to success. However, the ways in which they approach their goals and the outcomes they achieve are completely different. Firstly, Dexter and Gatsby both have a desire for wealth and success. Dexter, in “Winter Dreams,” dreams of becoming a wealthy man and winning the love of his childhood crush, Judy Jones. He chases his dream by working hard, starting a successful business, and eventually becoming wealthy. Gatsby, in “The Great Gatsby,” also desires wealth, but his primary goal is to win back his lost love Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby achieves his …show more content…

Dexter, in “Winter Dreams,” comes from a middle-class family and works as a caddy at a golf course to earn money. Gatsby, in “The Great Gatsby,” is also from a similar background, growing up poor in North Dakota. Despite their uncertain beginnings, both characters are able to climb the social ladder and achieve their dreams of wealth and success. However, there are also several differences between Dexter and Gatsby. For one, their motivations for pursuing their dreams are quite different. Dexter, in “Winter Dreams,” is motivated by love. He wants to win over Judy and create a life with her. Gatsby, in “The Great Gatsby,” is motivated by his obsession with Daisy. He wants to be with her at all costs, even if it means using illegal income to get rich. Additionally, the way they achieve their dreams contrasts as well. Dexter works hard and plays by the rules to achieve success, while Gatsby resorts to shady dealings and illegal activities. Despite their different approaches, both characters end up disappointed and unhappy. Dexter realizes that Judy is not the woman he thought she was, and Gatsby’s dream of being with Daisy is shattered when she chooses her husband over

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