What Is The Difference Between The Great Gatsby Book And Movie

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Casandra Salazar Ms. Tobias English III GT 12 January 2017 The Great Gatsby After reading and watching The Great Gatsby, I gathered the dissemblance and alikeness in both the book and motion picture. As written in “The Great Gatsby”, the first example of similarity is that the book has the same theme to the “Roaring 20’s”. In the written book, Fitzgerald described the parties as huge and dramatic, where as in the movie, the directors did a fantastic job translating Fitzgerald’s words into a lavish visual spectacle of booze, sequins, and confetti. In the book, the big parties Gatsby hosted were festive, old fashioned and traditional. Unlike the book, the parties in the movie were displayed as modern because of the choice of music the director chose. The music from the movie consisted of songs from artists such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, Fergie, and Sia. The book did not once mention any of those artists’ music being played at any of the parties Gatsby hosted. After watching the Great Gatsby, I gathered the differences between the characters. However, in addition I also got similarities that stood out in the …show more content…

In The Great Gatsby movie, Daisy, for example mostly spoke sweetly throughout the whole movie. In the book, her voice was described as ringing like money. Instead, in the movie she appeared to be an innocent person but was actually extraordinary selfish in her own actions. In the movie, Jay Gatsby had a violent, dramatic outburst at the Plaza Hotel when he was provoked by Tom Buchanan. Another difference would be that Jordan Baker and Nick Carraway did NOT have a loving relationship like in the book; they didn’t communicate in the movie as much as they did in the movie. I think one of the big differences was West Egg vs East Egg. In the movie, West Egg and East Egg were never at one point described as “old money” and “new money”

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