Essay On The Party In The Great Gatsby

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Risk taking, ground breaking changes, and wild parties are all important aspects of the 1920’s. The massive parties that included dancing, alcohol, and a house full of strangers were so essential to this magical era that F. Scott fitzgerald made them a key element in his book, “The Great Gatsby.” These extravagant parties that Jay Gatsby was notorious for hosting, attracted strangers from all corners of New York to take part in these luxurious events. These parties were so popular and well known in the eastern New York area that they basically become Gatsby’s trademark. Upon hearing the name “Gatsby” guests did not visualize the face of a young man, but rather envisioned the wild parties he threw. Gatsby’s name was incessantly linked to a good time. We are first introduced to these charming parties in chapter three of the book. The party host is evoked into our mind as a gentlemanly and high class man, but this scene is also shrouded in a sense of mystery. Gatsby himself only communicates with the narrator, Nick Carraway, at the end of the chapter as he is inaccessible and unknown to many of his guests. The isolation that Gatsby portrays toward his guests and his removal from partaking in his own affairs seems to create an initial image of mystery for Gatsby that affects his character and the relationships he holds with others throughout the book. Gatsby’s …show more content…

The seclusion and wonder that shrouded Gatsby stems from his mysterious characterization that plagues him with gossip, rumors, and fake relationships throughout the entirety of the book. The mystique that Gatsby creates for himself has an enormous impact on the relationships he builds, or lack thereof, as this charisma casts Gatsby in a light of charm,majesty, as well as doubt throughout the entire

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