What Is The Difference Between Winter Dreams And The Great Gatsby

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When looking for similarities and differences between the movie The Great Gatsby and the story “Winter Dreams,” both written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, you will see that both cover the theme of unrealistic love and the topic of craving to be from old money families. The Great Gatsby is told from the point of view of neighbor Nick Carraway. We learn that Jay Gatsby would go beyond measures to get what he wants. Whether to be more wealthy or show his undying love for one of the antagonists in this story, Daisy Buchanan. Dexter Green, in the story “Winter Dreams,” has very similar characteristics to Jay Gatsby. Dexter is another example of someone who wishes they were born with old money. Dexter even went as far as quitting his job and dedicating himself to joining the upper class so that he could match the status of Judy Jones. …show more content…

Despite both characters living a luxurious lifestyle, they still feel unworthy and dissatisfied with their lives. One example of unworthiness is shown in The Great Gatsby and how it is never sufficient for Jay when Daisy says she loves him (The Great Gatsby). Although Daisy says she loves Jay, it is not enough for him because she never claims to not love Tom. Daisy never seems to be able to give Jay the love he craves throughout the movie. Dissatisfaction is also shown through the character Dexter near the end of the story when he starts regretting the things he prioritized in life. Despite all of his success, he still has regrets about feeling that he wasted his childhood chasing after Judy and spending so much time achieving a wealthy status. “For he had gone away and he could never go back anymore,” (Fitzgerald 550) this shows how he wishes he could go back in time and spend less time on these things, but sadly he can’t. No matter what Jay and Dexter did or did not have, they always endeavored for

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