Persepolis Essay

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The film of Marjane Satrapi’s “Persepolis” is that of human nature and society. The exposition begins with a woman reflecting about her past as she sits in the airplane seating area smoking a cigarette, this is a place that the story begins and ends at, which I like most. While she talks about her childhood and growing up and finding out about her grandpa.
The rising action is happening the war has started the bell of bloodshed as rung and they will keep fighting for 8 years what makes me mad is the leaders to get more fighters told kids and young men “they told the boys if they gave their lives and died fighting, they would go to paradise, and get in with this key made of plastic”. This is a phrase that I believe most men should have questioned …show more content…

I wouldn’t have taken that I would have called home or asked dad if he knew anyone rather than go into a boarding house. But I guess the family didn’t want her living around Iran while the war was going strong. She also starting to go through puberty and changed into a woman while away in Vienna and met a group of people she starting hanging out with that talked mostly about society. This is when she asked questions and really took in what everyone was talking about and I could see she was more on the communist side of …show more content…

And grew up in a twisted society while kids in the united states get to grow up either rich or poor but never had to go through what she did and people on the west still judge her because of were she’s from she must be a terrorist. Also the social environment was that of. for her it was Iran that was in the middle of a war and government scramble, then she left and lived with another person in Vienna and people who hated the government, cheated on

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