Perseus Vs Greek Mythology

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Not being a fan of reading, it was difficult thinking of a Myth. After thinking about some of my favorite movies, I finally figured out that Percy is Perseus in the Myth Perseus and Medusa. This lead me to look up more information about this Myth. I found this website that gave me a list of different Myth and legends. I was able to read, watch, and listen to the Myth. The actual Myth is interesting than the movie. This Myth originated from Greek Mythology. I like this Myth because its heroic. In the beginning of the story Pythia she predicts that Acrisius grandson will be the death of him. He was surprised because his daughter wasn't married, she doesn't have a son.
Acrisius locked his daughter up just in case she doesn't marry. Zeus however saw her and fell in love. From that Perseus was born. Her father order her and the baby to be put in a wooden chest and out to sea. They floated across the ocean for day and day until they washed up to shore at the mysterious island of Serifos. …show more content…

Perseus had to cut off Medusa’s head and return it to the king as proof that he had succeeded. Perseus gladly and willingly accepted this challenge. Everyone was shocked and stunned that he had agreed. Little did they know that he had help from the Gods. They sent him winged shoes and a sword straight from the hands of Zeus. He began his journey by stopping by to see the Nymphes. They gave him the information he needed to get to the witches’ lair. At the lair, Perseus discovered the witches were blind and shared one eye to see. In order to convince them to talk, Perseus had to take the eye from them. They eventually gave him the coordinates to the Gorgons

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