Identity In Portrait Photography Essay

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A set of characteristics by which something is familiar is an identity. People are able to recognize a chair by its flat surface and the legs that support it, however, humans adapt to this identity. For instance, there may be only one leg, but that does not stop it from being identified as a chair. When talking about humans the basic idea of identity tends to become perplexing. This does not stop oneself from identifying various people. It just means people have to be aware that identity runs deeper than the bare facts. There are two primary angles to the concept of human identity; the first being that people like to be perceived a certain way. Whether that is to stand out or fit in, it comes down to the individual. The second aspect indistinctly …show more content…

As the guide number is essential to the lighting aspect of the picture, the depth of field is essential to the environment. Furthermore, Kropscot writes about the basics of portrait photography as well as, the depth of fields impact, “Depth of field determines which area is sharpest. A common portrait rule is to focus on the eyes to make them the sharpest area of the image. A shallow depth of field makes the person stand out against the less sharp background. A narrow depth of field produces more sharpness throughout the image,” (5). This explains the how vital the depth of field is and what a photographer has to look for when doing a photo shoot, such as how sharp of a background they want without making the person blend into the background. Becoming an essential part of portrait photography, “The background is chosen to enhance the person and set the mood. The choices range from plain to busy, light to dark, and from one to many colors,” (Kropscot 5). Therefore the subject is the most vital part of portrait photography, but the environment can help develop their identity trying to be portrayed. Before a photographer does a photo shoot they have to ask themselves various questions and discuss the subject the type of identity they want to express. For instance, as Enman writes his article in a journal

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