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I never imagined my life would turn out this way. Seven years old everything felt seamless. I was blessed with two parents who adored me, two older siblings who would do anything for me. I did not see any trace of a dead end road. By the time I was nine I realized everything in my life was changing, my family was not genuinely a family to any further extent. My parents stopped talking to each other and honestly began drifting apart and my siblings were too consumed in their own social lives to care. I did not grasp what or how to feel. A couple months later, my parents revealed to me that after challenging sixteen years they were splitting up. It definitely affected me greater than it affected my siblings, especially observing my dad moving …show more content…

It killed me to see my mother damaged and trying to disguise her anger. I felt dreadful for not being able to save her. I was too raw and too foolish to presuppose that I would never be a child of a broken home. Subsequently this experience compelled me to mature. I was forced to wave goodbye to a young girl, I will scrutinize back at that little girl today, pure and jubilant and it makes me wish I never turned nine. At the age of twelve I finally realized what it meant to ”get on with your life” .My father definitely did and he made it appear effortless. During the year I turned twelve I found out my father had two daughters. I found about them through Facebook-Facebook of all places! I was devastated not because he had two more kids but the fact that he had hidden this huge life event from me despite the fact that our relationship was damaged. Around the same time that my sisters AnnaLee and Juliana wee born my mother revealed to my family that she was expecting. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve always wanted a baby sister due to being the baby of the family for so long. Although I already gained two younger sisters from my father‘s side I never sincerely partook in an upstanding relationship with either of them in light of the fact that my stepmother and I have always had a strained …show more content…

My mother and stepfather named her Megan and I immediately felt this deep connection to her, I promised her that I would do anything and everything I could to make her happy. I would like t think that I am still keeping my promise to her. Thirteen was a sincerely the toughest year of my being. I learned that I had a rare genetic mutation that not a single person could figure out how or where I contracted it from. I underwent the vastest surgery of my life. I felt like I had lost my voice and would never be able to truly cope with what happened. After the surgery I spent one month in a rehabilitation hospital and was diagnosed with clinical depression. Though I met amazing people and loved my entire therapy team, I did not feel comfortable there so when I was discharged I was like HALLELUJAH. Flash forward three and a half years later, In October my neurosurgeon thought it would be idea for me to see an oncologist to discuss what we could do about the tumors growing on my spine. Since I have so many it is difficult to tell which is causing the constant pain that I am continuously in the field of. When my mother and I met with the oncologist he said three words that scared the crap out of me cancer, radiation and trials. In that moment I was

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