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I walked out of my now ex-girlfriend’s house disappointed because I thought that this girl, Felicia, was the one. I walked out towards the road where my old car was sitting waiting for me to make the somewhat miserable drive back home. I stumbled into my car and began the drive down M-35 back to the small town of Norton, North Carolina. I couldn’t help but ponder what had gone wrong with Felicia to make her think that enough was enough. I knew I had to focus on the road, but I couldn’t because there were a million thoughts going through my head and I had tears in my eyes. Felicia and I were fighting a lot, and I mean a lot. Seemingly every day, if not twice a day. There was so much yelling and arguing that I felt like we hadn’t had an adult …show more content…

There were a lot of nerves of anticipation and fear running through my body like it was a part of my bloodstream. “Hey Michael, punctual as usual! You know I love that,” she said and chuckled as she finished. She was right though, I had not been late for a date for the entirety of our relationship, over three years worth of punctuality. “You know me, I can’t keep a lady waiting,” I explained nostalgically because she knew that I had to have everything perfect to maintain sanity and happiness. She did not seem to mind because we had made that work for, again, over three years. We strolled back to my car and began our way to the restaurant that I had taken her on our first date. We arrived at “Restaurante de Amor” at quarter after seven. Perfect timing because our reservation was for five minutes after that. We sat down at our little booth in the corner, same place where we sat for our first date. We began talking about what had transpired earlier that day. “I’m really sorry for what I said, I didn’t mean what I said at all. I’m sorry, especially because I know what that must have done to you on your way home. I’m honestly surprised that you made it home and didn’t end up in a horrible car crash,” she said in one long burst

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