Fentons Research Paper

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Not long ago, a close friend of mine, Sierra, invited me to go to a retro ice cream parlor in Oakland with her family. In fact, her family has been going to this creamery since she was three years old. Sierra’s family would drive out to Oakland to go to the famous Fentons Creamery once a year. Opened in 1894, Fentons is a family-owned world famous establishment ("Fentons Creamery and Restaurant”). Stepping into the parlor was like a blast from the past; I was instantly hypnotized by the artisans making the ice cream from scratch. Every dessert was catching my eye, I specifically could not wait until I was devouring a mint chocolate chip sundae. While we were lingering for the check, Sierra’s grandparents were reminiscing about when they used to go on date nights to Fentons every weekend. Immediately, I was able to grasp the nature of important Fentons was to her family. I felt incredibly sentimental. At the same time, I noticed myself looking around Fentons and wondering about all of the dates that have took place in those booths. Ultimately, I began to appreciate the primitive culture that flows through the Bay Area. Culture is a way of life of a community. Sharing such a deep culture, like the Bay Area’s, is what brings the community closer. Culture has brought a sense of connection to the locals. However, public concern has recently shifted to the wave of wealth that has flooded the Bay Area. This rush of rich has push the communities out of the Bay Area, thus creating a new community. Ultimately, what is at stake here is the …show more content…

In his article “The search for America’s best food cities: San Francisco,” Tom Sietsema raves about the food scene in San Francisco as exotic, revolutionary, and upscale. Sietsema celebrates the fresh and local ingredients that creates the famous Bay Area

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