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H.H Holmes was born into a wealthy family in New Hampshire. His real name was Herman Webster Mudgett. He was very privileged growing up. His mother was a schoolteacher was a “very cold and distant individual who used religion as a daily guide for parenting” (Read, 2004). His parents would abuse him physically and mentally. His father was alcoholic and he had disciplinary strategies for Holmes to listen like food deprivation, and using kerosene rags to quiet him when Holmes cried. He was incredibly bright and intelligent. He was a loner in school. He never developed real meaningful relationships and was bullied in school. He was the outsider of many things. He had a fascination with performing surgeries on animals. He had a “fascination with skeletons and soon became obsessed with death.” He wanted to major in Medicine because he felt like him experimenting on animals made him want to explore things further. He enrolled in …show more content…

He was married to a woman named Clara Levering. She was extremely wealthy and he took that to his advantage to pay his tuition in University of Michigan Medical School. He was extremely flirtatious with women and he even had 3 wives in different cities. He would make women take out life insurance policies naming him “beneficiary” and use them. Part II: Criminal Activity HH Holmes built the Murder Castle, but he designed it like a maze to trap the guests that would sleep there. It had three floors and it the layout was so secretive that only he knew. While he was killing these people staying at the Castle he sold the bodies. “ The Castle became an elaborate scheme to fulfill Holmes’ dark desires, while also allowing him to make an income selling the skeletons of his victims to medical schools” When constructing the building it was “complex” and the architecture was different from other buildings and that attracted people to stay. Inside the castle, was an operating room, a torture chamber, a

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