Fast Food Nation Film Analysis

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For many people the ideal meal is inexpensive, fast, and tastes good. When purchasing these quick and inexpensive meals we put very little thought into how that food was actually produced. Food Inc is a documentary produced by filmmaker Robert Kenner and Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, to bring awareness to Americans about the industrial side of food production. Kenner wants us to question how much we really know about the food we have been feeding to our families and to ourselves. He interviews various experts such as food advocates, farmers and authors who have written books about the food industry. This film uses visual images, along with ethos, logos, and pathos to help uncover the corrupt side of the food industry.
The beginning of the documentary spans around the inside of a grocery store that displays colorful, fresh looking fruits and vegetables in the produce section. Along with various choice of meats that …show more content…

This reaches a much larger audience of people who are not just animal lovers. The filmmaker explains how corn is a large part of a cow’s diet because it helps to make them bigger at a faster rate. But the large amounts of corn fed to these animals can cause deadly diseases such E.Coli to develop and this now put the consumer at risk. Barbara Kowalcyk became food advocate after she lost her son due to an E.coli outbreak. It’s an emotional interview because you see her fighting back tears to explain how her son went from perfectly healthy to dead within 12 days. She also talks about here frustration with trying to get Kevin’s Law passed to give the USDA the power to shut down plants that continuously produce contaminated meat. Listening to the testimonies given by victims of the food industry can cause the audience to emphasize with the victims and realize that this can happen to their own families. It also raises the

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