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It’s been almost 49 years since the start of artist’s migrating to Barrio Logan began, expressing their pride and joy for their race hoping to unite their community. Although I don’t think that they really thought that their passion for art would go so far beyond what they had expected. See I am a Mexican coffee shop owner and I have here been for the past 20 years. My business is good, although sometimes I wish it could be better. I always had high hopes for my community and my people but never did it cross my mind that the area I came to know and love would be stolen right out of my hands. I want people to understand that gentrification won’t unite our city, it will only divide us more. As a small business owner, I take pride in helping my community, but as time goes on I notice the community I have known and loved began to change. I have seen my neighbors moving out and throwing away their dreams of being able to expand their businesses. Rent for our area is starting to become too expensive for people to renew their contracts. People have moved in and out faster than I have seen in my entire 60 years …show more content…

According to John Walkin, my fellow people have dropped an average of 14 percent in the past ten years. He also pointed out how much Barrio Logan is changing in a way that it is modifying its historical background of our Hispanic culture. It’s almost as if they were trying to wipe us out completely. According to Richard Florida, gentrification is a big problem and it must be stopped. People who can’t afford these ridiculous amounts of increase in their rent are either being evicted or practically being forced to move out because they can no longer afford living in that area. These are my loyal customers that helped both me and my business being forced to move out of their homes. So why should they be the ones punished for developers wanting to expand their franchise even

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