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Robin Morgan a poet and mother of one boy, Blake Morgan that became a musician. Born January 29, 1941 (now 75 years old). Grew up in Mount Vernon, NY then, moved to Sutton Place in Manhattan. Robin Morgan’s father “Mates Morgenstern” never showed up to his child getting born, but then later during WW2 Mates Morgenstern died in war, ever since that happened Robin Morgan grew up with no father.

Berkeley Morgan (her mother) got her into modeling as a toddler herself, she was young for the age of five. She even had her own radio program “WOR” in NY titled as “Little Robin Morgan”. Then at the age of seven, she acted in a tv show called “Mama” and played the role of “Dagmar Hansen” as the younger sister. As the show started to take off it was premiered on “CBS” in 1949 right when the first episode came out. After that she was guest starred on “The Golden Age Of Television” on many shows. …show more content…

She then went to school to learn how to become one and she then graduated from “Wetter School” in 1956 in Mount Vernon, NY. After she graduated from one school, she was privately tutored from 1956 until 1959. Then at age 17 she published her first series in poetry in a magazine. Ever since she started writter it started to take off and Robin Morgan started writing more poetry books.

Robin Morgan was part of the key radical feminist that was in the Women 's Movement, she also was one of the leaders of the International Feminist group since the 1960’s. Her book “Sisterhood Is Powerful” helped some of the Radical Feminist group. Robin Morgan has written about up to 20 fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books since she was a little girl. Also during the 1960’s she joined the civil rights movement and the Anti-Veitem movement. She went through a lot with women’s rights, but Robin Morgan tried her best to get through the hard

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