Personal Narrative: A Career As A Senior Mentor At Sandwich High School

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Working with children and helping them to succeed is an aspect of my life that I have always cherished. From the time that I was very young, I have always loved working with other people, as well as leading them. I have been involved in projects working with, and guiding people for numerous years, and I honestly could not imagine my high school years without these service projects. I was a part of the PALS program and I also helped with the Elementary School's production of the Little Mermaid. During these tasks, I was given the opportunity to help and inspire children of all ages. These projects led me to become a Senior Mentor at Sandwich High School. For three years, I participated in the PALS organization and served as the president my senior year. PALS stands for paying attention, listening, and supporting, and is based off of the Big Brother Big Sister program. I had the opportunity to meet with and help two different girls at the local elementary school once a week for about an hour. During this time we would hang out, play games, and do homework. By the end, they had both …show more content…

I contacted the director right away, and soon enough I was spending over twenty hours a week on stage crew. I was there almost everyday after school for the rehearsal, and then after for about three to four extra hours to help with sets. I had the honor of working with over fifty talented children. I was reluctant at first because I had never worked on a project of that magnitude. I felt that if an aspect of the set was messed up, or the wrong piece was put on, it would be my fault. I soon realized I had no reason to be worried. I learned all of the hard work that is put into each performance, and met many amazing children, many of whom I now see in the hallways of STEM at Sandwich High School. I helped these kids be the best that they could be on that

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