Personal Narrative-Baseball

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A few hours later all of my stuff was tucked into my room, Mom and Sydney both started crying when they got ready to leave. Dad even had tears in his eyes, “I promise all of you, I’ll take good care of her. No Debbie downers allowed!” Sarah hugged mom and Sydney then Dad and Cade. We decided to take a walk around campus before it turned dark outside. While we walked Sarah and I spent that time getting to know each other. She was the youngest of four girls, her home town was a small town in Kansas, she chose Washington State because it was just far enough away she didn’t have to worry about her mom showing up. “Why? I mean you and your mom don’t get along, at all?” Sarah shook her head, “Nope, I’m the fat one. The one that won’t amount …show more content…

“OH! I have a great idea, follow me.” She picked up our walking pace. “Where are we going?” I asked with a laugh. “You tell me what sport you like better--Baseball or Football?” “Honestly I’ve never been big into sports but maybe…baseball?” “Baseball it is!” We ended up at the baseball stadium and sat as close to the top as we could. “So this is what you do to pass time?” I laughed. She shrugged her shoulders, “Who doesn’t like to stare at men in tight pants?” I looked out at the field, “So…they are just throwing the balls back and forth. I’ll try to contain my excitement.” Sarah laughed, “It’s warm ups, wait until you see some of these players. The pitcher is pretty fine but the short stop is hotter! Well in my opinion he is.” I had to practically squint to see the faces of the players after they had jogged to their positions on the field. “He’s cute.” I nodded at the guy standing at short stop. “Told ya so.” Sarah nudged me with her shoulder and smiled. “I’m not going to try and hook up with him or anything, just saying he’s cute.” I …show more content…

“In all honesty I never drink regular coffee, I’m a Starbucks whore.” She told me as she grabbed her purse off of the hook by the front door. We walked about two blocks, “So what is the workout we are going to do?” I asked. “You’ll see.” Annoying, that’s what Sarah was, annoying. I needed actual good caffeine if I was going to survive the day with her. “You’re way to annoying in the morning.” She laughed, “Probably even a little immature for some people, but, I like to start my day off in a good mood, with a big cup of Starbucks, and a smile on my face.” “I love you.” I slung one arm around her shoulders and squeezed. “Aww, I love you too!” Starbucks hit the spot, I was ready to get my day started. I needed a good work out and was excited to get started, until we walked up to a building that had stripper poles and dancer decals on the front windows. “Uhh…” “Chill, you’ll have a blast. Come on.” Sarah had to physically drag me by the arm into the building. “Stripping? Hell no.” I tried to back out of the building. “It’s not actual stripping you ding dong, I promise you, it’s a blast.” That was twice she had said it would be a blast, all I could do was take her word for it. Two hours later I couldn’t stop smiling, “That was

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