Personal Narrative Essay: My Hero's Journey

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The ghosts had always been there, but it took her a few years to realize that. Mikayla was the only one who could see them. Growing up, she lived in a decent neighborhood, nice town and a well known family. Mikayla was an only child, living in her parents shadows, she was the child of track legends in her school. She grew up by the track, living most of her life out there, living up to her parents name. However, Mikayla felt something odd about herself, never knowing what it really was, she just knew that she was different from everyone else. As she was at practice one evening, Mikayla noticed something odd about the track, the look of it was the same but the energy that it gave off was something she hasn't ever felt before. The sun was hot, …show more content…

Clenching her hands into fist, adrenaline ran through her body, walking with a fast pace she was ready to get home. As she started to calm down and lose the feeling of being followed she hears another voice over her shoulder, but much louder. As she turned her head she screamed “who are you and why are you following me!”, looking out to the distance she sees a figure come out of the shadows. “ oh, you can hear me? Thank goodness,” as the figure comes out closer to Mikayla, “ deeply sorry for frightening you, I didn't know you were going to be able to see so young.”. Giving a frighting look, Mikayla looked around to see if anyone is around, “ oh my gosh, i'm going crazy,” as she clenched her eyes she opened her eyes, “is this real, like are you real?”. As the ghost walked over to her he seemed so calm, “i’ve always been here watching you, you were born with the gift to see me and many others here”. Looking to the ghost Mikayla looked startled, “others? There's more of you?”. “Many more, were here to watch over the people to guide them through rough time, and you Mikayla, are gifted with being out messenger to guide the people with us.”. As Mikayla looked up at the sky, everything seemed to make

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