Personal Narrative: First Annual University Interscholastic League

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I remember it hurting, so very much. It stabbed at me hard; I couldn't comprehend it. If only I had been more careful, more attentive, I could've prevented all of it. One of the most devastating moments in my life happened to me was all because of a simple mistake. One little slip-up caused all of it, and it all lead to a catastrophe. It all happened on what I thought would be a fantastic day: the 1st Annual University Interscholastic League A+ competition. The very event I had trained for. The opportunity that would let me earn some academic recognition. I had prepared for months then, going to after-school practice and spending hours of my time memorizing and learning. Of course, I still broke the rules, and paid the price, but at the end of the day, I gained something out of all of it. I learned an important value in life, and it stills sticks with me to…show more content…
No one seemed to notice it in my hands when I left. It wasn't until a minute later my friend noticed, but I was in the cafeteria already. I bought it back to the classroom, not too uneasy at all about it. I walked into the cafeteria again with no worries, carefree. Five minutes later, disaster struck. A woman walked in and found me. She asked, and I confirmed that I had turned in the paper late. She told me that even if my intentions were good and it was an accident; I still had to be disqualified. Something inside just broke, and my confidence went down faster than lightning. I was so confused, but I knew inside that there was no way I would've been able to bring it out without getting some kind of punishment. That there would be no coming back from this, and the worst part; there were so many things I could've done to prevent it, but didn't. I got close to crying, but the tears never
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