Personal Narrative: Flu Shot Fright

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Flu Shot Fright
I never liked getting shots before. When I went to the doctors and when had to get one it usually took 3 nurses to hold me down. They usually had to talk to me and tell me to calm down. I’d really freak out. It was probably because of the 1 nurse who told me it’d only hurt a little. Today however was going to be different. Although I’ll have to see some needles none will have to be used on me today. I am ready for the nasal spray. The year is 2013. It is an odd smell I remember; one that is a combination of a doctor 's office and some sort of spice. I am sitting by my friends at the time, Zach Ford and Chase Bruhn. We talked a little bit about what we’d decided on, either the nasal spray or shot.
I said “I think I told my

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