How Did I Remember The Day To Get Braces?

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I remember the day. I remember the day I had to get braces. That day, I went to the orthodontist’s office with my parents and the process began. After 3 hours of irritation and pain in my mouth, I walked out of the doctor’s office with braces on my teeth and instructions of what not to eat. Every time I think about that day, I remember my parents. I’m Daniel and I’m one of the few survivors of the flare. The flare was a large solar flare that scorched the Earth and killed almost billions of people. As the condition worsened, the food sources started to thin out. One day, I had to eat gummy bears for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As expected, I spent more time pulling remainders of gummy bears from my mouth than eating it. From that point on, I beckoned on an adventure to find the last orthodontist who could help me take off my braces. Day 392 and no sign of the orthodontist. I searched the Fergana valley of Uzbekistan, Hindu Kush passage in Pakistan, caves of the Levant and the mountains of the Urals. I kicked a rock in frustration, only to be greeted by searing pain in my left leg. I lowered my head down as the wind picked up in the Gobi Desert. I cursed and tried to scan the area for any villages or possibly humans. As I kept walking, I saw a dark building. When I …show more content…

I was lying on an armchair in a white room and a dentist was taking off my braces. Upon seeing me awake he asked, “How are you feeling?” I muttered “Fine. Thanks for taking off the braces.” The dentist looked at my face and told me, “Daniel I want you to be calm. You have been part of an experiment to develop antidotes for diseases caused by the flare. We all hope that you co-“ Suddenly the wall near us collapsed. Chunks of rocks hit the dentist and he collapsed on the floor. Two men dressed in black walked in from the collapsed wall and jabbed me with a syringe. My vision tunneled and the last words I heard were, “Operation “Brace for it” is

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