29th Event Narrative

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The 29th Event Ever since five years ago a dark pathway opened on February 29th. Weirdly I was born on the day of the event so in a way I think is attached to me, but I haven’t seen the place yet so everyone thinks I’m normal, but lately the tests at the lab are getting harder and school’s bullies are getting really rough and I have been under a lot of stress lately. So I get up and walk out my dorm room and see a label on my door that I didn’t think I noticed before. The label read “Aaron Parker Test Subject 771.” So excited that I now know my name I ran to the head scientist Dr.Boogley. Dr.Boogley Is the head scientist of 115th Test lab located near the bombing site and the military base. The military haven’t found this place yet because …show more content…

I was in a tent and I hear footsteps and I quickly reached for the exacto knife that was in the sergeant 's tray on the desk near the bed. I crawl under the bed waiting and the person I saw befor walks in holding something I haven’t seen before. Now this was a girl a type of person I heard back in the lab Dr.Boogley matched them once and began to cry. I wonder what they were. but the I realized I was in a tent under a bed. So I was scared of what the people would do if I was caught. I held the knife firmly in my hand and was about to sneak out and I peaked under the tent. And saw trucks and cars with things mounted on them that I have never seen before then something grabbed my arm. and pulled me back it was Dr.Zygon the second in command of the lab I looked at him and smiled and hugged him with tears. He carried me outside and set me down behind the tent and me to run to the car and drive away in the northwest direction and with the knife in my hand I ran a sound rang out I felt a sharp pain from my chest and I collapsed on the ground and I lost consciousness again. I woke strapped to a table this time with people looking down on me I reached for the knife in my jacket and cut the straps on the table and dropped the knife as I ran down the stairs and stopped at the door. It was beginning to open and I hid the people walked by with Dr.Zygon and I was about to reach out but I didn’t because the people were there I ran at them trying to free Zygon but he grabbed me and held me down. Saw the person from the helicopter and I froze not knowing what to do. I saw the needle and I slapped out of his hands and ran. Bursting through the door and ran towards a car with a person in it and they opened the door and I ran through her aside and got in the car I was taught how to hotwire back at the lab and started to drive but she jumped on the back of the car and got in and held me down I shoved her

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