Personal Narrative-I, Monica Baltazar

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I, Monica Baltazar was born, on February 16th, 1978 in Irapuato, Guanajuato Mexico. I came to the United States to have better opportunities and to improve my living conditions. I worked in a restaurant and that’s where, I meet Cesar Gonzalez. We were young and naive which resulted in my pregnancy. I moved in with him because, I wanted my children to have a paternal figure in his life. I felt verbally assaulted after six months of living with Cesar. He would insult me by calling me, “ bitch”, “stupid”, and “your stupid”. Cesar would verbally insult me whenever he wanted. He would get agitated for anything. I could not question him back. For example, there were many instances in where he would insult me in public. His sister had come to visit …show more content…

He then slapped me and said, “ you're no one to tell me what I can and cannot do in my own home”. I had ran inside the home as, I felt humiliated because this incident happened to be witness by his family. After a short while, his aunt had come into the home and approach me, she had ask what why I was hit. She informed me that they did not want to get involved because it was between my husband and I. She had also informed me that the family were leaving in order for us to resolve our issues. When cesar notice that family was departing, he came to look for me in the living room. He told me what did you say? I told him nothing. He told me, “The one living would be you and to hell.” he was pulling me by my arms wanting to get me out of the home. I was holding onto the door knob. I pleaded to him to please let me go as there were children present and were witnessing such debacle. My eldest son step forward and and told him to stop aggravating me my son was pushing him outside the home when he uttered that he would kill me. As this conundrum was happening his sister appeared and told me to lock the doors to the house and lock myself in a room with my children. She had informed that he was very angry and grabbed a

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