Personal Narrative: Life After High School

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Newton was a town just east of the coast Ceils. The people were nice and friendly, it being a small town everybody knew each other. Maddie, Zach, Cody and Karen are all good friends. But ever since last year Maddie, Zach, Cody, and Karen noticed that the town has been becoming strange. The people were acting weird and bad things kept on happening. But the squad just laid low and adjusted to what was happening to the town. As Halloween was coming up, the four friends were excited. They talked about what costumes they were going to buy, trick or treating, and many more Halloween related things. Zach was going to dress up as scream and Cody were going to dress up as Michael Jackson. They were also thinking and talking about throwing a Halloween party. But they were …show more content…

Maddie, Zach, and Cody all looked at each other and said "Woah, what’s happening". Everyone didn’t know what was going on, they went outside to go and check and nothing was there. They turn around and BOOM! The lights came back. Zach tried to keep his friends and the people at the party calm. They went back inside and tried to continue the party but again something happen. The lights turn off the door opens again and the TV stops working. Everybody is screaming and is really scared now, Maddie, Zach, Cody, and Karen are trying to keep everybody calm again but it didn’t work. Everybody taught it was a friend doing a prank so they went outside to go tell him to knock it off. As they went outside, they didn’t find anyone or any clue that it was a prank. Zach and Cody reminded Maddie and Karen about Shaun the evil spirit that possess humans at Halloween parties, but Maddie and Karen told Zach and Cody "SHUT UP ITS NOT REAL, WERE PROBABLY JUST HAVING ISSUES WITH THE ELECTRICTY OR SOMETHING!". But Maddie and Karen quickly thought about what Zach and Cody said because the people started acting strange and some just randomly

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