Personal Narrative: My Advancements In The Medical Field

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“Are you ready to play doctor?” This is the question I always used to ask my brothers. I vividly remember asking that question consistently at an early age. Playing doctor allowed me to express my desire to help people as I was always taught there was value in helping others. My love of the medical profession stems from my mother who used to read to me about how African-Americans who have contributed to many technological advances in the medical field. As a child, I would dream that I was Charles Drew, who started the first Blood Bank to operate in the United States that saved thousands of lives. I also would dream I was Vivien Thomas, who designed a shunt that would surgically solve the blue baby syndrome. These stories were very important to me because they instilled the belief that I too could become a medical professional. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to shadow various medical professionals in our community and experience what they did on a day-to-day basis. The information my parents exposed me to, coupled with my belief in God guided me …show more content…

I have also realized the progress and success the health care industry has experienced. Unfortunately, we are still faced with several ailments that we must find cures for. One of the scariest issues I am sad to say I may face in my lifetime is the existence of bacteria that will not be able to be treated with antibiotics. These challenges have inspired me to further my education and seek a Pharmacy degree with a specialization in infectious diseases. After completing my studies I would like to offer my services to underserved populations in rural areas of the country. Furthermore, my goal is to serve remote populations in South America, where I would not only gain valuable experience, but also fulfill my goals of performing missionary work and combating health

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