Personal Narrative: My Career As An Occupational Therapist

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From an early age, I can remember taking a special interest in medicine, because of seeing my mother reach out and help so many types of people with so many levels of disabilities. Her actions and job has inspired me greatly in wanting to study in the medical field and hopefully eventually becoming a physician. Growing up, my Mother, an Occupational Therapist, owned her owned practice, when I was younger, I can remember trying to help my mother and other medical professionals that worked for her with small tasks, like help cleaning up after the children in wheelchairs or helping children, with low motor skills, coloring pictures. My mother’s job as an Occupational Therapist is to develop, recover, and improve the skills of injured and disabled patients for daily activities that we would easily take for grant, like taking a shower or walking upstairs. I believe having a career in the medical field would undoubtedly would give me an immeasurable amount of satisfactory, because of my desire of wanting to help people with their health complication. The medicine career path is unique because it reaches out to every individual regardless of financial status, race, and …show more content…

My mother knew that paying for college would be a struggle for her and her family. However, thanks to financial aid and student loans she was able to put herself through college and was able to become an occupational therapist and has excelled in this career path for over twenty years. Having my mother look over the sm3’s forms, I agreed when she said that “Student mentors for minorities in medicine” were have been incredibly beneficial program for her to take part in, if it was offered while she was in school. I believe this program offers an extraordinary experience and it would be ignorant to let an opportunity like this pass me

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