Personal Narrative: My College Admissions Essay

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I never even got to say goodbye. When my dad left it was the hardest it's ever been for my family and I, and we were never quite the same. After a while I began to fill into my father's shoes. “Aaron, one day you’re going to have to raise a family of your own. You’re a man, you’re going to have to be the provider for the family.” These words spoken by my mother have run deep through my soul and has shaped me to the very being I am today. I have three sisters, a mother, and a niece. Being the only boy in a family full of women is tough; it seems like the transition from being a boy to a man swiftly creeps upon you, and you suddenly inherit a large sense of responsibility within the household. In ninth grade is where my true responsibilities as the man started. My family was going through a financial rough patch and I knew the only way through it was for me to step up. I was too young for a real job, so I began helping a man that lived a few houses down from me. He was an old war veteran who had a myriad of health problems. Everyday after school I …show more content…

I pushed myself to be better, better in everything, and as the years passed on I improved dramatically. There were sleepless nights, where I studied after coming home from school, baseball, and work, and I prayed that I didn’t have to go to school in the morning, but this only help me grow. Having no father for some can be a crutch, an excuse to not be the best you can be, but for me it helped me, it did the exact opposite, instead it allows me to flourish so I can one day have children that look up to me. I have learned the importance of being a man, having responsibilities, and hard work. These fundamental attributes haven woven me to who I am today, and because of all my accumulated experiences over the years, I believe that I will be successful and prosper in any college or field I attend or

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