Personal Narrative: My College And Career Goals

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Throughout my last two years of high school, I constantly struggled to determine my college and career goals. I always knew that I intended to obtain a career that involved service to others and my community, yet I could never envision a career that captivated my interest. My high school education and applying to college were never crucial concerns to me during the time. During the summer of sophomore year, leading into my junior year, my father had passed away unexpectedly, leaving my mother to raise me and my two younger brothers on her own. Since I am the eldest of my family, I gained more responsibility for my brothers. These duties included guiding them emotionally through our loss as well as assisting them in all of their school assignments and other tasks while my mother was at work. During that time, High school for me became a dismal confinement that restricted me from coping with this adversity. I abandoned all interest that I previously had for school, and directed my attention towards enduring each day at a time. By the ending of my junior year, I recognized that I had become a parental figure to my brothers. I scheduled my time …show more content…

This decision was also determined due to the generous financial assistance that the school had offered me. No other school had offered me as much scholarships, and I wanted to ensure that the cost of attending college had no additional burden on my family that I knew my absence from them already would. After committing to Seattle University, I ignored my imminent departure from my family and friends and enjoyed the rapid conclusion of senior year. For me, graduation not only represented my liberation from endless days of mandated instruction, but also the independence to navigate my life. This invigorating sense of independence initiated my ambition to strive towards my own individual

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