Personal Narrative: My Heart Map

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My heart map represents all the elements that make me, me. I chose the most important things to me to put on my map. Friends and family are important to me and have a huge impact on my life. I made a four chamber heart to put my photos on because a four-chambered heart is realistic. I also grouped my photos in a specific way, which shows that I like to organize everything that I do.

Family is the absolute, most important thing to me. My sister is a role model to me even though we don’t get along. I put a photo of my sister and me at a hotel in California to represent the fun we had when we were little. Whereas now, we don’t see each other as much because we are older. I have another photo of me and my sister at Winter Park standing next to an ice castle because family activities are very important because it gives us time to disconnect from the internet and focus on each other. When my family goes to Winter Park we have a tradition to ski for a couple of hours and then come back and drink hot chocolate while playing monopoly. On my heart map, there is a photo of my entire family on the Great Wall of China. This includes one of our family …show more content…

Music makes everything better, whether it is playing an instrument or just listening to other artists. I started playing violin when I was in third grade and switched over to the cello in seventh grade. There is a picture on my heart map of me and Sophia rehearsing for our first competition at solo and ensemble. The first teachers that I started both of my instruments was Sierra Gilman, who is now in college, and Ms. Bloom, my orchestra teacher. Ms. Bloom, inspired me the most though. She taught me all the techniques to being a good musician. Both Ms. Bloom and Sierra inspired me to audition for Denver School of the Arts. I have included a picture of me with my two teachers at my last ever orchestra performance at Rocky Mountain Academy of

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