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  • Giant Panda Animals

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    Animals China’s national animal is the Giant Panda. Many people also think about the Chinese dragon as a traditional Chinese animal. The Giant Panda is a large bear that is coloured black and white. Giant Panda only lives in the south west of China because of the climate. The Giant Panda's diet is mostly bamboo which is found the the south western part of China. The Giant Panda also eats Yam, Honey, Fish, eggs, leaves, oranges and bananas. Panda’s live in mountainous regions where there are large

  • Essay On Giant Panda

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    History The giant panda is a prized animal to the chinese people and the subject of many old legends, as well as being very protected from the expanding world around them. At one time, the giant panda occupied very much of China, but currently the pandas are limited to a number of reserves and forests in central China (Figure 3). An old Chinese legend tells us how the panda got its “tears”. It talks about how a long time ago, “when pandas were white all over,” one panda liked to play with the herd

  • Giant Panda Persuasive Essay

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    Pandas have been a huge part in China. This animal symbolizes peace and friendship in the Chinese culture. Pandas can grow up to be about 6 feet high. They can weigh up to 300 pounds and the males weighing more than females by at least 25%. Pandas are capable of climbing trees very easily because of their claws. With very few enemies other than people, the life expectancy of a wild Panda is about 30 years or more. However, Giant Pandas are endangered. Their numbers are decreasing with about only

  • Persuasive Speech On Pandas

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    Pandas are cute, cuddly and one of the most beloved animals in the world. Sadly, their numbers have declined and there are only 1600 pandas left living in the wild. Do you ever ask why? To save them is the mission of many conservationists, but should this be at any expense? The dilemma that is facing the animal world right now; should we save pandas or should we allow them to become extinct? The emotive photos of pandas on the internet are the only reason why everyone is in love with them. In reality

  • Essay On Panda

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    cat-footed bear) or also known as “giant panda” belongs to the family Ursidae with the other bears despite of morphological similarities with the raccoons. These mammalian species are endemic to southern China. They live most likely in cold places and mountains. These creatures have flat face with black eye patches and a barrel-like body covered with velvet black and white furs which make them immensely charismatic. They have a modified wrist bone which is widely known as “panda thumb” that is used for their

  • Why Do We Save Pandas Essay

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    Pandas are cute, cuddly and one of the most beloved animals in the world. Sadly, their numbers have declined and there are only 1600 pandas left living in the wild. Do you ever ask why? That’s the mission of many conservationists, but should this be at any expense? That is the dilemma that is facing the animal world right now; should we save pandas or should we allow them to become extinct? The emotive photos of pandas on the internet are the only reason why everyone is in love with them. In reality

  • Essay On Endangered Giant Panda

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    a rippling effect through the natural environment (Nardo Cloning:Great 61). If any animal dies in any environment it could destroy the natural habitat. This is where cloning comes in to save the animal and natural environment. The endangered giant panda is a prime candidate for cloning (Nardo 29). Animals close to extinction or extinct can be saved with the use of cloning, not just saving the animals but the environment and people. Cloning can help create large quantities of drugs used to fight

  • Wild Animals Observation Report

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    In the wild animals can choose their group or companion conspecific, whereas in captivity animals are allocated by humans and their choice is restricted due to limited space and a number of conspecifics. Nowadays, many animals kept in zoos are transferred between facilities for breeding to ensure species conservation and genetic diversity, or due to a lack of space or exhibit considerations. Therefore group composition changes accompanied by introductions and familiarisations of animals that are

  • Pros And Cons Of Zoos

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    Instead of providing animals with lifetime care, zoos separate animals that have built lifetime long bonds causing traumatic transitions all their life. Spending the day at your local zoo has been a preferred attraction for years, but a lot of people are not informed about the consequences it has on many of its inhabitants. Animals often are seen performing extensive pacing in their enclosure, over grooming themselves, and sham-chewing as a result of their unnatural confinement. Through time there

  • The Pros And Cons Of Amur Leopard

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    Amur Leopard is critically endangered because it’s hunted illegally for its beautiful fur. Their population is estimated to be about sixty individuals, they live about ten to fifteen years in the wild and twenty in captivity. People are trying to save the animal from extinction by monitoring populations, protecting their habitats, and trying to stop poaching and trade. Javan rhinos are critically endangered because of genetic diversity, natural disasters, invasive spaces, and diseases. They are only

  • Persuasive Essay Zoos

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    Zoos are places where animals are put on displays and where they have to live their entire life. People can visit zoos for money and watch animals like they are in some kind of television show or commercial program what is done for people only. People have to notice that zoos are not people entertainment. It is seems like animals in zoos should be free and live in wildlife where they belong. Zoos may be very necessary for endangered species. But, there are different ways how to save and continue

  • Write An Argumentative Essay About Zoos

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    In 1874, the first zoo opened; however, since then there has been a lot of controversy around zoos. With over 10,000 zoos worldwide, the biggest issue people are seeing is that zoos are capturing innocent animals and putting them in small areas. In reverse, others believe that zoos are great for educational purposes. Zoos are extremely miserable for animals and they should be banned. Zoos are highly unsafe for animals. Every day animals are being forced to entertain the public. 62 orcas have died

  • Elephant Endangerment

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    Endangerment of Asian Elephants Visiting your nearest zoo for a family day and bonding with your family over the views of wildlife is supposed to be fun right? Have you ever thought about how these animals got in the zoo? Zoos are for entertainment purposes, whether or not it affects the species. Not only are elephants captured for entertainment purposes, but for human resources as well. Threats and solutions are being taken into consideration and are being acted upon at this time.

  • Why Should We Protect Endangered Species

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    Why should endangered species be protected by humans? People should know that animals and plants are creature that have the right to live in peace. Endangered species are animals and plants that will be extinct because of human activities such as hunting. Some people would use many kind of animals to take their leather and use to it as clothes, bags, and shoes. Also, humans are cutting plants in a suspicious way without thinking about this act and how it may affect nature. Due to this horrible action

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Pander To The Pandas '

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    1. The term 'Why Pander to the pandas' is a rhetorical question making the reader consider why people give the high amount of satisfaction, effort and pleasure to an irrelevant animal. 2. Peter Goers is a journalist from the Sunday Mail South Australia. Therefore, having such an occupation of reporting on current articles he feels entitled to his opinion and feels that he's able to express that with people. 3. Goer thinks that pandas "don't have a right to exist" and has given a downright negative

  • Zoos Research Paper

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    The question of the necessity of zoos is extremely controversial nowadays. There are many people who advocate for replacing them with sanctuaries as they believe money spent on keeping wild animals captive might have been used for conserving them in wild. Others are concerned that zoos serve not only for people's pleasure but for preserving and keeping populations that otherwise would go extinct. There are sufficient arguments for both points of view, expressed in various articles that are dedicated

  • Positive And Negative Effects Of Keeping Animals In Zoos

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    Zoos have been a major concern for years and animal rights activists are not giving up on the poor imprisoned animals. The aim of this report is to show how animals in captivity do not have enough space to function normally and how they get sick has a result. In the zoo industry breeding is very looked down upon. Zoos have taken the initiative of breeding animals and trying to repopulate some of the species this is very wrong and must be ended immediately. Also more effort must be put in to save

  • The Pros And Cons Of Zoos

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    Growing up I had my own idea of what a zoo was, a place like the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo full of beautiful animals and dedicated to education, research, and conservation. After persistent research I have come to find that not all zoos are the same. Zoos can range from nationally ranked research facilities to makeshift “monkey-shows” dedicated to profit. The debate of whether zoos are ethical can be easily split between animal rights activists and zoo advocates. Animal rights activists argue that

  • Did Harapg The Gorilla Have To Die Analysis

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    critically endangered gorilla. Harambe had to be killed to save the life of the little boy; gorillas have incredible strength and no one could have known how much longer the boy could have survived with the gorilla. Gorillas may be considered ‘gentle giants’ but they should still be considered dangerous animals due to their size and strength. The director of the Cincinnati Zoo said that anyone who questioned the zoo’s decision didn’t understand that “you can’t take a risk with

  • Impact Of Zoos On Animals

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    The Impact of Zoos on the Animals in Them Zoos have been around in America since 1874, and the first recorded zoo was established in Egypt by Queen Hatshepsut in 1500 BC. Keeping animals in an enclosed area for the sole purpose of watching them in order to be entertained is outdated and inhumane in today’s culture. The quality of life for the animals in these zoos is not the same as it would be in their natural habitat, additionally, while the zoo may protect them from their natural predators, there