Personal Narrative: My Life Has Been Full Of Adversity

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My life has been full of adversity. At the age, of 10, I lost my beloved brother Tim to cancer and I watched him suffer, cry, and fight for his life until he finally passed away. I went through years of not understanding why this happened to me. Confusion took over my life and I did not know how to move on from this tragedy. I was just a little boy, who experienced a devastating loss on March 19th, 2008. My childhood was ruined. Life is full of obstacles and the strong will persevere while the weak stumble and fall. I chose to persevere through the death of my brother by applying inspiration from Tim.

This inspiration transitioned me into adulthood. I go to a small Catholic school where a small portion of the population experience tragedy. No one understood what I experienced, so I had to learn how to handle adversity by myself. Maturity grew on me faster than most kids my age. I reflected back on my brother's fight for life and used it as motivation. Motivation kept me strong by giving me hope. I know my brother has been by my side the whole time, so I perform my best in the classroom, on the football field, and in my family life. Every football game I play in, I play for Tim. I play to the best of my ability because he fought for his life, so I fight for him. Tim has inspired me to become …show more content…

This is very accurate because I want to support friends when they are having struggles in their life. My own adversity shaped me into a caring, kind, and smart person. I know what emotional pain is, but some individuals may not when they deal with it. It is my job to give love and friendship in times of pain. I was once a small little boy who did not understand why everything happened. Suddenly, I expanded in maturity by using motivation and inspiration from Tim. Finally, I have used my experience through adversity to support and take care of others in times of

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