Personal Narrative: My Therapist

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“Oh please! You guys say that you want to move into this new house because it looks great. The real reason is because the commute to my therapist is much faster. I’m fine mom and dad! I don’t need antidepressants nor do I need a therapist. Maybe the real reason why I have been depressed all these years is because you have no interest towards my life. Ever since you thought I starting having problems, you look at me like I am a deformed stranger!”
As Haley was screaming towards the mirror of her bedroom wall practicing her lines for the school play, she starts relating the life of the character to her life. She feels like someone wrote a biography of her life.
“Honey! It’s time to take your pills!” Lucia, Haley’s mother, screaming at Haley. …show more content…

You know I don’t like listening to your nonsense. Fine, you won’t go to therapy but i’m not giving you attention and helping you with your problems. Hey, you wanna hear my fun fact of today? YOU WERE A MISTAKE! You know what your friends said on Facebook? That you are just a stereotypical black girl with no daddy and a nobody poor girl. When your therapist told me the story of the basement door, I laughed cause I know you always want attention.”
I slapped my mother and started punching her face. The blood ricocheted and I felt the blood in my mouth. I tasted it and smiled. My mother was laughing and somehow got my arms. After that, I don’t know what happened but I was in my room with the light from my lamp turned on.
“I punched my mother.”
I was crying. I couldn’t stop. Why would I do all these crazy actions and think of all of this? Then an idea popped into my head. I realized that the door in the basement showed me being bullied because of what I look like and how it made me felt. This eventually came true. I was whispering to myself saying “ It was the door that caused all this madness. I was never a psychopath neither was my mom so selfish. Everyone changed and I too changed. I do remember checking that door after the first time. There was nothing there. There is no way to stop

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