Personal Review Of Elie Wiesel's Night

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Elie Wiesel’s Night was by far been my favorite book that I have read over the last three and a half years. This is the best account of the horrors of the holocaust I have ever read as well. It really opened my eyes to the terrible things that happened to the people put in concentration camps and all the ghastly things that the German soldiers did. One such act that made me cringe and feel terrible inside was when he said that the SS would take babies and use them as targets by throwing them in the air and shooting them. My family is very important to me and the thought of losing them makes me cringe. In this book Elie lost everything. His mother and sister killed before he could say goodbye and eventually losing his father after sacrificing so much to keep him alive. When Elie and his family were first expelled from their homes, his father cried. I don’t know what I …show more content…

Elie was the same way, but by the end of his experiences in the concentration camps he had come to resent God and the fact that God would let something so terrible to happen to him, his family, and the others around him. After reading what happened to him, I believe that I too would have disowned God and my beliefs. How could such a loving and caring God let something the horrible happen to his chosen people. Personally, I believe that everyone is born with morals programed into their very being not to mutilate and destroy God’s greatest creation, so reading about all that happened in the concentration camps shocked me. How did the SS officers not hang themselfs at night after a long days work of killing and making so many lives a living hell, after working poor elderly men to their grave. How could people do such things to other human beings baffles me. For instance, they would take all the children and babies that couldn’t work, loaded them in trucks, and dumped them into pits of fire to be burned

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